How to Choose the Best Resort in Maldives for You

One of the most sought after romantic destinations of the century, Maldives is a tiny but spectacularly beautiful island nation in the Indian Ocean.

Heavenly turquoise blue waters, lush tropical islands and Robinson Crusoe type isolation - these are just some of the images that come to mind when we think about travelling to the Maldives. Picture yourself lounging on the white sand beaches of the Maldives. In this article you will discover a new world altogether - a beautiful world beyond the imagination of most people. A world where you can be one of a small handful of people that have an island all to themselves. This world is called The Maldives.

If you love the sea and scuba diving, then why not charter a live aboard scuba diving cruise with your diving buddies. Collectively, you can save much more money and time if you live a board a diving cruise ship and go island hopping, scuba diving and fishing for the next ten days of your vacation. That is because you can do away with your hotel accommodation, save traveling time and can go to a lot more dive spots. Where to go for a cruise diving vacation? Try going to the Island nation of Maldives.

As your resort will most probably the only resort on your island, you’ll have to eat your meals at the same resort. A single meal can easily cost $50 for a single person, including the tax of around 22%. There are also ‘All-Inclusive’ offers which require you to pay for your meals, drinks and stay upfront. Even this is not cheap in any way but you won’t feel the pain of spending such huge amounts on food and drinks every single time you order something.

Are you comfortable with a resort which only has a single restaurant with not a lot of difference in the food served on a daily basis? Or you want a resort that has multiple restaurants that offer an amazing array of cuisines to choose from? Food plays a major role in your vacation and you should understand your food-related needs before choosing a resort.

Your visit to Maldives is incomplete without visting Kuredu Island. While visiting the island, you would come across stunningly beautiful beach which is stretched for over three kilometers. Kayaking, windsurfing, sailing and parasailing define the adventurous streak of the beach. This is the streak that compels marine adventure lovers to plan Maldives holidays. Underwater beauty of the beach has made it country's best destination to enjoy snorkeling and diving.